Designed for maximum impenetrability to automatically guide personnel in security areas
Many different models available for mines, banks, offices, etc.
MOD – Semi-automatic, Mechanical
EOD – Automatic, Electrical


Model MOD has mechanically operated doors which, from a locked position, unlock by means of a signal from an electrical remote control, card reader, etc. The door is opened manually and closed automatically by means of a “non hold open” door closing arrangement with adjustable closing speed. The doors are fitted with push/pull handles and are locked with two electro-magnetic locks. Model EOD has similar features, except that door opening, closing and locking is automatically controlled by electrical operators.
The open/close interval is approximately 4 seconds in the case of models EOD (i.e. 8 seconds in total). In the case of the MOD model, the operating time depends largely on the user. Model MOD will, and EOD can, unlock both doors in the case of electrical power failure. Interior sensing devices monitor the user’s presence. Standard Flow Systems logic is supplied to interface with cubicle operating components. Controls, Card reader, etc. are be supplied by other contractors.



All units are dispatched completely assembled and factory tested, minimizing installation time. Units may be floor surface mounted. A leveled surface with a minimum strength of 25Mpa is required, suitable to accept 4 off m10 x 50mm H.D. anchor bolts. The cubicle mass is approximately 300kg, and its electrical requirements are 220VAC 15A 50Hz.



The Cubicle Model 541 door locks are concealed to eliminate tampering. Units are of fully welded low carbon steel construction with polished stainless steel and silver vein baked powder coat finishes. Frameless doors are of clear 12mm armor plate glass with top and bottom rails

Options Available

* Glass side panels
* Stainless Steel and Aluminum cladding
* Various colours of baked powder coating
* Steel framed doors fitted with laminated glass or other materials
* Push/Pull door handles (cubicle type EOD & MOD)