Roché offer a variety of awning fabric choices. In the majority of applications, traditional stitching of awning fabrics has been replaced by an ultrasonic bonding process. Each awning designer has different awning recommendations & collections and we can advise accordingly.

Awning fabrics are impregnated with a water-repellent finish and remain rainproof if well cared for and placed at a minimum slope of 14° during short periods of light rainfall. During longer periods of rain or during heavy rainfall, the awning must remain closed or rolled up in order to avoid damage, unless being utilised as an all weather  fabric roof solution. However, please note that even when incorporated as part of an all weather solution, the operator must exercise a degree of due diligence and retract the fabric if wind speed and / or rain intensity threatens the integrity of the awning system.

You have over 200 alternative fabric colours and patterns and material options are as follows:

Acrylic (Markilux & Weinor) 

Awning fabrics are traditionally manufactured from acrylic. The material is UV-stable, weatherproof and remarkably resilient, having been impregnated with a dirt-repelling Teflon coat. These fabrics can be branded and sign written for commercial customers as required.

Acting as a real shield against UV A and B radiation, the outdoor awning allows optimal protection against solar radiation. It gives a soothing and regular light to the patio (cutting out glare) and guarantees a fresh and constant atmospheric temperature. Roché awning fabrics undergo exclusive treatment processes that make them resistant, give them long lasting colours, long life, and protect them from stains. All fabrics come with a 5 year quality guarantee.

Acrylic fibres are generally used for awning fabrics. In addition to the natural solar shading properties awnings are designed for, they offer a degree of shelter in showers and although not classed as waterproof, they are water resistant.

WeiTex (Weinor)

WeiTex high-tech polyester fabrics are ideal for large commercial awning systems. The innovative polyester fabrics offers a high degree of elasticity, high UV resistance and superb rain protection. WeiTex is ideal for sign-writing and therefore lends itself to commercial applications. WeiTex Aqua is supplied with an additional film that effectively renders the fabric completely waterproof.  

Sunsilk SNC (Markilux)

Thinner smoother and lighter than acrylic awning material, sunsilk fabrics promise high colour brilliance, luminosity and superior self cleaning properties. Sunsilk Perla fabrics have an additional protective film that renders them effectively waterproof (3m of standing water before water penetration) and are like WeiTex aqua are the ultimate all weather fabric and should be utilised

Soltis (Weinor)

Soltis is a high-tech fabric designed by Ferrari, characterised by the many tiny pores that allow transparency from the inside looking out, without compromising privacy. Although air-permeable, Soltis®-fabrics reflect sunrays up to 86 or even 97 percent, depending on Soltis type. They assure a comfortable climate when used as vertical shading. Due to their outstanding thermal abilities, Soltis®- fabrics help reduce energy costs.

Transolair (Markilux)

Manufactured with a special perforation technique to ensure sufficient transparency and permeability to light, air and wind. Transolair is recommended for use in conservatories.

Perfotex  (Markilux)

Perfotex is a specially woven fabric specifically designed for Conservatory Awnings. Permeable to light and air the fabric gives a comfortable transparency and prevents the formation of water pockets that can put a strain on fabic covers.