Conservatory awnings can be utilised on support frame works as fabric roof systems or more commonly as the name suggests on conservatories for shading. A conservatory awning allows you to control the light intensity in a creative way. The covers are specifically engineered to be far more suitable than other all weather products.

A single conservatory awning can span up to 35m2 and units can be coupled as required.

Roché Conservatory Awnings sit comfortably on any roof glazing system. The compact cassette designs can be fitted easily to the roof bars or adjoining walls and the fabric runs in guide rails that in conjunction with high strength front profiles ensure cover tension is maximised. Product variants include curved units to partially cover the front elevation. There is even an internal conservatory awning option that ensures the fabric is always protected from the elements.      

Popular fabric choices for conservatory awnings include acrylicsunsilk or waterproof aqua & perlaTransolair and Soltis fabric options allow you see through vision as required.    

The Roof Festoon conservatory awning is a unique design and the fabric is extended and retracted via a tensioned cable system. The fabric is manufactured from Trevira CS, a fabric with indispensable features for markilux Baldachin: lightfast and antistatic, air permeable, washable up to 40°, dimensionally stable and, above all, permanently flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 B 1.