J355HA-M30 is the new FAAC crash-rated bollard conceived for perimeter protection applications. It has been specifically designed for the protection of sensitive areas. The bollard has been successfully certified in accordance with ASTM F 2656–07 Standard
Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers, on resistance class M30. It received the best penetration rating – P1.

The above class resistance is defined as 656,000 joules energy adsorbed, which is roughly equal to a truck weighing 6800kg travelling at a speed of about 50 Km/hour (30Mph). It differs from standard bollards for its extremely high resistance.

J355 HA M30 is the solution to increasing security demands on perimeter protection.

The bollard can be used for a variety of applications, such as value protection and to allow
access to a sensitive area, for example:

• Embassies,
• Consulates
• Public offices
• Banks, etc.

• The bollard has an all-in-one concept incorporating a built-in hydraulic drive unit
• Emergency fast operation circuit (EFO) – option-for rapid movement
• Upraised position kept by hydraulic locking, even in the event a of power failure
• No pipes with oil under pressure; underground ducts to prevent leakages
• Built-in LED lights
• Stainless steel internal fixing frame

Available Versions:
J355HA-M30 painted steel
– Steel cylinder, thickness 16 mm treated with cataphoresis and painted
– Powder-painted dark grey metalised RAL 7021
– LED lamp on the head
– Operated by hydraulic unit built-in on the bollard
– Raised position available in event of power failure, by means of hydraulic locking

Bollard Pit JP355
The pit is made of steel sheet aluzinc, with a thickness of 2mm. The main frame is ductile iron GS400 molded, treated with cataphoresis.
The pit is sealed with a hole in the side for channeling water to the sewer system and with a hole for cables at the top.

In the case of special requirements, the hole can be sealed to prevent the entry of water from the subsoil (marine areas, near rivers, etc.).
The particular arrangement of reinforcing steel bars that are not near the surface, allows the finishing of the site, respecting
any architectural constraints of the pavement (asphalt, stones, etc..) up to 15cm from the base of the bollard.

Reinforcing steel bars of the foundation (they are common steel bars and wire mesh for construction work; not supplied),
equips the bollard and its pit with the resistance that ensures compliance with the ASTM standards, class M30.

Fixed bollard option
Excavation dimensions are 1.000 x 2.300 x 350mm and total weight is 710kg