Alfresco living has seen awnings being utilised more and more as a stylish solution for both domestic and commercial patio areas. Traditional wall mounted patio awnings are the most cost effective solution, but naturally they have limitations in terms of all weather use.

The Fabric Roof awnings are frame mounted retractable awning systems that provide stronger weather protection and are proving increasingly popular in the UK. Awnings are fixed to walls or frame structures as per traditional folding arm units, but they are supported by load bearing front posts fixed into the ground.

The products facilitate extra space on the exterior of buildings without the need for traditional building work. Allowing projections up to 7m, an individual unit can cover up to 30 m2. Units can be coupled to ensure full coverage over large areas and optional features include gutter, lighting and heating systems.

Fabric roofs allows you to ignore the uncertain factor of changeable weather. You create extra space that is permanently available for use at any time of day and in any season.

Individual models have different features and characteristics, but popular brands include the PlazaMistral &Pergola retractable fabric roof awnings. The Patiola and Med systems complete the range and fixed apex blinds and vertical awnings are utilised to fully enclose patio areas as required.

Fabric options include classic acrylic, sunsilk & waterproof polyester material as required.