Traditional wall mounted folding arm patio awnings are used to shade areas from domestic patios to commercial shop-fronts and cafes. There are three broad categories of folding arm awning products – open,semi-cassette and full cassette.

If the installation site is well protected – e.g. it is located in a niche or beneath a generous roof overhang – thenopen awnings are a practical and economical method of providing a shaded area. The mechanisms and rollers remain exposed in these awnings, although a protective top cover can be incorporated for peace of mind. The Weinor Topas awning is a popular choice of open awning.

The appearance of semi cassette awnings when closed is similar to that of a cassette awning, and optically they are just as impressive. The design of the semi-cassette awnings provides protection against the weather to the roller and mechanism, both from above and below. The underside of the semi-cassette awning is open, because the all-round protection guaranteed by a cassette awning is not a necessity in every situation. The Markilux 1500 awning is available with an integral lighting system within the front profile and is an award winning design.

Full cassette awnings provide the perfect weather protection for the roller, cover and the complete arm system because they are all stored in a closed cassette. When retracted, the moving arm part closes and seals the cassette: meaning that foul weather, wind and dirt cannot penetrate. The full cassette awning models also ensure protection against vandalism.

Roché offer an array of fabric colours and patterns. Material can be acrylic or polyester based.