Security shutters are suitable for a variety of domestic & commercial applications including private housing, schools, hospitals, shops, miscellaneous commercial premises and industrial units. Security roller shutters are available in a range of styles and finishes and the recommended security shutter will be dependent on the application and level of security required.


Effectively maintenance-free, Roché security shutters are designed to be an aesthetically pleasing solution to securing your property. The security shutters can be electric or manual operation dependent on size and application. The majority of security shutters we install are electric due to the ease of operation. Electric shutters can be remote control or hard wired and they can be controlled individually or in groups. Manual shutters are operated via cord / chain, rod & crank and spring and lock operation. Roché’s product portfolio includes alternative shutter fixing options and the security shutters can be installed during construction as part of the fabric of the building or on the internal or external face.

Recent developments include the introduction of a range of insurance approved security roller shutters.