Full height and waist height prestige high quality turnstiles designed for the corporate customer to guide personnel in security areas.


TURNSTILE LOCK STD 100: From a locked position, the turnstile’s exit or entry rotation can be facilitated by a variety of methods, including: electronic controls, electric remote control magnetic ID card and push-button control. An automatic “fail-secure” lock-up locking arrangement is a standard feature. Should the mains power fail or be switched off, the gate becomes locked in both directions and can then be unlocked in the desired direction mechanically with a key. Optional “fail-safe” locking arrangement is available on request.


Lock Mechanism

The bi-directional, shock absorbent turnstile lock mechanism is of a simple yet robust design. The lock and release arrangement is operated by liner motors and limit switches. A hydraulic damping device provides a cushioned homing feature whilst returning the rotor arm to its neutral horizontal no-entry position.


Design Features

TURNSTILE ROTORS: 180 grid finish stainless steel 38 diameter tubing is fitted into solid diameter chromed plated and polished rotor hub. TURNSTILE PEDESTALS: The low-carbon and stainless steel plate pedestals are suitably designed. Top covers are housing the locking mechanism and control logic. Stainless steel top cover is hinged and lockable to facilitate easy yet secure maintenance access to provide ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Main Frame: Sturdy, fully welded construction manufactured from low carbon steel heavy channels, flats and square hollow sections. The hollow sections provide ideal conducting power and control cables.
Four Arm Rotating Gate: Square hollow centre column with end shafts located in sealed bearing blocks with welded on 32 diameter tube gate arms curved to U-shaped loops.
Barrier in forbidden Direction: 38 diameter tubing fitted with protective end cups on double turnstile; 32 diameter tubing curved to U-shaped loop on single turnstile.



Our Turnstiles’ pedestals and rotors combine cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appearance. Even the basic low-security model with stainless steel or baked enamel finish are at home with their surroundings while remaining aptly functional. The construction and option of the more sophisticated equipment allows for a complete tone-in with any architectural design.
Our STD Turnstile Logic panel is offered to interface turnstile locking arrangement with controls supplied by other contractors (card-reader, push-button, tokens, etc.). It comprises an 80VA transformer with rectifier converting 220V AC to power lock arrangement and control boards.